Application of tunnel ventilation hoses

The tunnel ventilation hose has characteristics of flame retardant, anti -static, small wind resistance, low wind leakage rate, and high strength. It is suitable for underwriting (out) ventilation of local ventilations such as coal mines and tunnels.

The ventilation hose of the tunnel has the characteristics of easy telescopic bending, freedom of refutation, light volume, convenient carriers, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, insulation and other characteristics. Combined with ventilation equipment in tunnels, municipal engineering, underground engineering, shipbuilding projects, etc. It is also auxiliary tools for hand -style fans.

Nuowei is a manufacturer specializing in ventilation hoses. The main products include tunnel ventilation hoses, coal mines ventilation hoses, negative pressure telescopic bumpers and other ventilation hoses.

Tunnel PVC flexible hose hose (8)
Tunnel PVC flexible hose hose (2)
Tunnel PVC flexible hose hose (6)

The Ventilation Hose In The Tunnel

Tunnel ventilation ductlines and ventilation equipment are used for harsh air pumping gas (air) and so on. Mining hoses are suitable for local ventilation and positive pressure and ventilation of various coal mining coal mining working surfaces under the coal mines.

1. The tunnel ventilation hose is made of high -quality polyvinyl chloride plastic (nylon) clip net;

2. The tunnel ventilation hose is bent at will, free connection, light weight;

3. The tunnel ventilation hose is easy to carry, high temperature resistance and flame retardant;

Precautions For Ventilation Hoses In The Tunnel

Mine -made fans should be stored in a well -ventilated warehouse, and no high code shall be placed to avoid affecting the quality of use. When using a hair dryer, clean it first, and then collect it. It is forbidden to contact rubber and plastic materials that destroy quality, and avoid direct sunlight and rain. The storage temperature of the warehouse should be between 15 ° C and 35 ° C, and the relative temperature should be between 45-75%, except for the heat source.

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